Solutions for Addressing High Skirting Boards (>12cm)

Solutions for Addressing High Skirting Boards (>12cm)

Our bookshelf needs to be secured to the wall, which requires skirting boards less than 12cm in height and 3cm in depth.

If you're struggling with high skirting boards and looking for practical solutions, we've got you covered. Here are three effective ways to address this issue and ensure your furniture fits perfectly in your space.

1. Hang the Bookshelf on the Wall

For those who prefer to avoid DIY task, hanging your bookshelf on the wall is a practical and stylish solution. Wall-mounted furniture not only bypasses the issue of high skirting boards but also frees up floor space, giving your room a more open and airy feel.


How to Hang a Bookshelf:

  • Choose a suitable location on the wall, ensuring it is level and away from any obstacles.
  • Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs for secure mounting.
  • Mark the desired height and position of the bookshelf on the wall.
  • Drill pilot holes and secure the bookshelf brackets or mounting hardware to the wall studs.
  • Attach the bookshelf to the brackets or mounting hardware.

2. Use Adjustable Screws

Second solutions for dealing with high skirting boards is using adjustable screws. These screws can be easily found at hardware stores like Bunnings or online retailers like Amazon. Adjustable screws allow you to raise your furniture to the desired height, accommodating the skirting boards without the need for any major modifications.


How to Use Adjustable Screws:

  • Purchase adjustable screws that are suitable for your furniture.
  • Adjust the height of the screws to ensure your furniture fits snugly above the skirting boards.

3. Custom Cut Wood for the Base

If you're handy with tools and prefer a more permanent solution, custom-cutting wood for the base of your furniture can be an excellent option. By adding a custom-cut base, you can effectively raise your furniture above the skirting boards, ensuring a perfect fit.

Steps to Custom Cut Wood:

  • Measure the height of your skirting boards and determine the required height for the wood base.
  • Purchase suitable wood from a hardware store and cut it to the desired dimensions.
  • Attach the custom-cut wood to the base of your furniture using screws or wood glue.

This method requires a bit of DIY skill but results in a sturdy and tailored solution that blends seamlessly with your furniture.

High skirting boards don't have to limit your furniture choices. By using adjustable screws, custom-cutting wood, or hanging your bookshelf on the wall, you can easily work around this architectural feature and make the most of your space. Try these solutions and enjoy a seamless fit for your furniture.


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