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Doubled-Sided Board

Doubled-Sided Board

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Magnetic whiteboard & Building Board

  • Magnetic Learning Fun: Children can use the magnetic side for spelling, basic arithmetic, and recognizing patterns with the included letters and numbers, magnetic tiles play...
  • Creative Building: The Lego-compatible side invites kids to engage in imaginative building, enhancing their creativity and fine motor skills.
  • Artistic Expression: The magnetic side doubles as a canvas for drawings and artwork using dry-erase markers.
  • Interactive Learning Games: Set up spelling bees, building challenges, or art competitions to make learning interactive and fun.
  • Story Creation: Combine magnetic pieces and Lego blocks to create unique stories and scenarios, boosting narrative skills and imagination.
  • Daily Planning and Organization: Teach children about organizing their activities and understanding the concept of time by using the board as a visual planner.

            Product Details

            - Dimensions: (H)128cm x (W)90cm x 28cm (D)
            - Material: Solid TEAK WOOD Frame, Whiteboard, Baseplates
            - No assembly required (No screwing+no loose parts)
            - Durable construction for long-lasting use
            - Designed in Melbourne, manufactured in China


            1. Does the Lego board fit Duplo?
            Yes, the building baseplate is the larger size, making it compatible with Duplo blocks.

            2. Can I use crayons on the whiteboard? yes, and easy to wipe off with just water on a cloth.

            3. Is it free-standing or does it need to be wall-mounted?
            This board comes with a sturdy base, so it stands sturdy while leaning against the wall. No mounting is required.

            4. Is it magnetic?
            Yes, the whiteboard side of the board is magnetic, allowing kids to have fun building with magnets and drawing.
            Is any installation required?

            Safety & Usage

            Recommended age: 24 months +
            Adult supervision all the time.

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            Hi, My name is Annie

            Welcome to Joykids, a family-owned small business rooted in Melbourne.We work in close collaboration with our manufacturing partners to transform our distinctive designs into reality.

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 2 reviews
            Sadie N

            Amazing quality, sturdy solid wood base and love the design 😍😍 perfect gift for our 3 year old

            Katherine M
            love it

            Fast delivery, and no assembly required! This product is beautiful, with great quality and solid craftsmanship. Well worth the price.